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Malta: An Astonishing Mixture of Worlds

As we land from rainy Brussels in Malta, the pilot is cheerfully announcing that there is zero wind outside. We are excited until the heat wave hits us when going out of the plain and I immediately start sweating, almost missing Brussels' fog. Luiza and I reunite with Dori at the airport and we head to Floriana.  Malta is indeed an astonishing mixture of worlds. It's fascinating how such a tiny island is home of Arab and Western world, of old and new times - and everything seemingly inhabiting the same space happily and peacefully. (Note: It so happened that I was too relaxed in the sun and did not take a whole lot of photos...) Life in Malta: crazy drivers, beautiful beaches and some marriage proposals A"personal driver" with a dodgy car picks us up from the airport and brings us to the apartment in Floriana, which funny enough is a town 10 minutes walking from the center of the capital, Valetta. Cars in Malta are quite oldish, not the cute fancy retro