About this blog

Eventually... due to certain personal troublesome experiences in 2015/2016, coinciding with the intended launch of my blog, I KEPT postponing publishing it, for another year and a half !! :) BUT I am a firm supporter of "better late than never" so I allow myself to give it a try, and maybe I'd try to go broader than my geographical travels.

Kalilandia is just a tool for self-expression and a modest attempt to share my own perceptions of our beautiful world. 

I have decided to dedicate my blog to my super-rocking brother, who is always supporting me in everything and I am publishing it for the first time on his birthday - January 28.

I kept postponing and postponing launching my blog, although I have always had this idea back in my head.
I thought every trip of mine was the last "so exciting trip"....I am still planning, I am yet to see places, so why not finally eternalize my experiences here, in my own Kalilandia...

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