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French Alps: A sacred Tantric liberation - where the spirit can live its higher dream (part 2 of 2)

After a few days of hiking and just being in the mountain, I head to a place, for which I don't even assume how special it is. This ashram is a hidden magic, and should perhaps remain such. I am going to follow two consecutive yoga and meditation retreats. Both experiences are extremely unique and intimate. Therefore, I will not talk about any individuals in particular, neither will I describe very practical details, as they can be largely misinterpreted, while they can only be understood, if experienced.  I will however, try to explain my reflections and learnings in a non-fluent, non-chronological way. "Woman of Joy" , a kundalini yoga retreat for women to connect with their feminine power Around twenty women, of any age, get together to explore themselves, support themselves and help each other grow while overcoming one main challenge, which perhaps every woman faces - "the fear to let go of control".  Disturbing and discomforting it may

French Alps: Where sight is not enough and self forgets reason (part 1 of 2)

Time for my annual solo-trip. What better than to satisfy my passions for hiking, yoga & Alps? I have recently developed an addiction to these mountains, after succumbing to the Italian and Slovenian parts recently. ( Read here my non-solo stories from Italy, "The Alps: The right home for the human spirit" , and from Slovenia "Mountains, sea, and a pinch of love" .)   I depart from quiet summery Brussels to fly into quiet rainy Lyon and hop onto a train to Grenoble. I have a master plan to spend a couple of days hiking on my own in the Alps before I go deep into an ashram in the middle of the mountains for a Tantric yoga retreat. You may read a little revealed secrets abou t it here .  Snuggly Grenoble in the midst of the mountains I have no expectations but Grenoble steals my heart from the very first evening. While I am used to vast flat horizons in Belgium, no building in Grenoble can hide the mountains, which surround it from