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Tomorrowland: An Utopia of Unity

Tomorrowland has just past for a third time for me. I am trying to understand how the euphoria that I experience can always grow stronger after this festival. Probably the Tomorrowland crowd just creates a bubble of happiness (often based on drugs, but not only!).  Thousands of people (around 200 000 in total) have one common goal: to be happy. I never witnessed any sort of aggression during Tomorrowland, which I find impressive given the amount of countries, cultures, religions and football teams represented. There is something truly magical about this festival. Something visible and something that goes beyond. The visible in my view is the selection of DJ's (often quite mainstream, but not only and anyway - there is something for everyone) and, also, the creativity of all the concepts around the event. The experience starts from the moment one receives the bracelets, which change each year, following the changing branding of the event and start feeding one's

Ibiza: Swift escape from reality

Ibiza is a magical place. Galya and I have this tradition of going to a warm place once per year to run away from the world, to completely disconnect and dive in forgetfulness, to recharge and eventually rethink (depending on the amount of Mojitos)... After Prague, Venice, Barcelona, now we chose Ibiza...attracted mainly to the renown nightlife and ever sunny days. There we go, we are in Ibiza - small piece of land thrown in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Exactly in the same way like it is hidden in the mist of the sun, Ibiza also hides its secrets going far beyond Pacha, Ushuaia, David Guetta  (and certainly beyond West End, which will be explained later). First of all, for me Ibiza was a Paradise of beaches...every day we visited two. Day 1: Cala Gracio & Cala Gracioneta - cute little beaches, surrounded by trees, cactuses, rocks, cliffs and abundant in fine sand...and boobs. Yes, 80% of women decide to become one with the nature and go topless. Nothing wrong. Afte

Preparing for my solo trip to India & Bhutan

I am going to Bhutan for 8 days in August. I will have a 3-day layover in New Delhi. This would be a rather practical contribution summarizing some useful parts of my experience. I had 2 major sources of information, which I would recommend to every traveller - my Lonely Planet guide & a vast amount of travel blogs. Apart from the usual things, which one can easily get informed about online, there were a few things, which took me by surprise, or I figured out myself: - While planning my budget, I had to calculate costs for: vaccines, bank transfers, medicines, insurance, sport/trekking equipment, solid suitcase, layover costs - all these can easily raise costs with around 500 EUR. - It was extremely useful to get a proof of all vaccines I had since birth in my home country, in order to get new ones safely. I went to the Travel Clinique in Brussels, the doctor gave me very thorough instructions for my travel and make tons of jokes about the side effects of the Hepatitis A vacc