Tomorrowland: An Utopia of Unity

Tomorrowland has just past for a third time for me.

I am trying to understand how the euphoria that I experience can always grow stronger after this festival. Probably the Tomorrowland crowd just creates a bubble of happiness (often based on drugs, but not only!). 

Thousands of people (around 200 000 in total) have one common goal: to be happy. I never witnessed any sort of aggression during Tomorrowland, which I find impressive given the amount of countries, cultures, religions and football teams represented.
There is something truly magical about this festival. Something visible and something that goes beyond.
The visible in my view is the selection of DJ's (often quite mainstream, but not only and anyway - there is something for everyone) and, also, the creativity of all the concepts around the event. The experience starts from the moment one receives the bracelets, which change each year, following the changing branding of the event and start feeding one's anticipation. 

I find it amusing that at Tomorrowland even the garbage bins are in the shape of gigantic flowers, and there are butterflies and magical books in the hot-dog kiosks. The fireworks during the sets provide some of the most spectacular views one could possibly see during a concert...and can simply make you cry.

What is not so obvious and can only be experienced is really the positive vibe among all those thousands of people.  I am not surprised that Ban Ki-Moon (Secretary General of the UN) made a statement in support of Tomorrowland. The level of connectedness between everyone is unbelievable.

 It provides a safe environment for everyone to be themselves (meaning to dress like a penguin, like a dinosaur, fairy... you name it). Knowing that everyone else would do it I think the secret is that when everyone knows that other people will do it, they have less inhibitions and feel one whole with the crowd. Tomorrowland is an isolated example of an extremely diverse community, functioning and thriving together; it is an example of unity and peace for the sheer reason that people want to be happy.

Tomorrowland gives wings to your imagination - whether it will just lead you through the magical land in Boom, or it will go beyond and lead you through great ideas about real peace on Earth - you choose where to stop it.

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