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Slovenia (Part 2 of 2) - mountains, sea, and a pinch of love

Two people lost in awe (and in the snow) of the Julian Alps Lake Bled - where wilderness is knocking at the door Our experience of lake Bled is accompanied by rain and some snow, too, but we are no longer bothered and adapt to every situation. On top of the rain, it is -2 degrees in the beginning of May, which is apparently quite unusual and quite unexpected for our tent plans. Jenthe is one brave man for taking me there in those conditions in a tent. We dismiss any cold and discomfort, though, when we wake up in the mornings by the sound of countless cheerful birds and nothing else (ok, if those little birdies woke up later than 5:30am that would have been welcome, but once I get into it, I manage to merge my sleep with the sound). I enjoy some of my most revitalizing sleeps ever. Lake Bled island Our camping site, home of many cheerful early-rising birds Little cosy tent we got Lake Bled is something in between wilderness and commercialization. We get to find our