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The Alps: The right home for the human spirit

The human spirit is way too often locked in the cages of contemporary life. We need to give it wings to fly and manifest its nature, to find this sense of fulfillment, which makes life feel well lived. We need to create more memories, we need more peaks in our days. The mountains have this magical power to provide space for all this to happen. While my time in the Alps was very limited and short, it felt like an expanded bubble in time, a bubble of happiness and fulfillment. Mountains have been there for millions of years, seen all changes in the world around them, carrying the energy of endless time, and at the same time breathing timelessness. They make me feel small, but not in a diminishing way; small, in a way to help me find meaning in acceptance; acceptance, in the background of something vast, infinite and uncontrollable; the acceptance, that there is so much around us that we cannot control, that our greatest power is to look inside ourselves and find our own truth there