Australia: Blue mountains - where bliss is a choice

My first encounter with this majestic mountain range, the Blue mountains, starts with the Wentworth park. But why so Blue? The mountains are completely covered in eucalyptus trees, which emit this mystical blue-colored haze that can only be noticed in the distance, hence, giving the name of the Blue mountains.

The eucalyptus smell splashes feelings of bliss all over me and makes me fall in love with every breath I take. Equally magical, eucalyptus trees are the natural habitat of the Australian koalas, although we unfortunately do not spot any on the way.

It is a heavenly experience as we walk to the Wentworth waterfalls. The plants and flowers in the Wentworth Bush (the Bush concept explained earlier in the post on Airlie Beach - where entertainment is provided by the nature) are nothing I have ever seen before in my life. I feel as if I am in a sci-fi movie scene, where someone has played with their imagination big time to create such unimaginable vegetation, but what is more exciting is that they are all real living organisms, just inhabiting the opposite side of the Earth. 

The waterfalls emerge suddenly out of nowhere, descending uncontrollably and mastering their space over there in the middle of the Blue mountains, offering refuge to the hikers, hungry for their energy (and for a few selfies, of course).

I am definitely not prepared for what follows after the Wentworth walk. As my brother and I are on our way back, we stumble upon the "Wentworth Falls gallery". From outside, it is simply a house by the road in a little mountain village. Since my brother has to always inspect everything, he quickly figures we can actually enter in the house. 

It is basically a private house turned into a gallery, I strike a conversation with the host and he explains how he (a sculptor) and his wife (a painter) have decided to leave the UK 15 years ago to escape from the conventional, busy, urban life in Europe. I am amazed how they have settled down in the middle of the mountain next to Sydney to do what they both love, devote to their passion and nurture their inspiration from the nature. The only sounds I can hear are of some fine opera music merging with the peace and quiet, and bird sounds. The garden is a spectacular union of flowers, trees and sculptures from some outer world.

My heart is full of happiness and delight that blissful life like this can actually exist, that actually we humans are able to build it, just if we decide to transfer our passion in this world, during the time that we have here.

My farewell with Australia is in my final blog on: Australia: Katoomba - where forest spirits and magic mushrooms live :)

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