Australia: The Great Barrier Reefs - where one should simply let go and discover

Discovering the underwater worlds

Exploring the coral reefs is a moment of a lifetime to remember. First of all, the crew of the Red Cat boat is hilariously entertaining and I get to make friends with them, so much that I manage to accomplish my ever-standing mission "drive any boat I get on".  So, "drive a boat at the Coral reefs" - checked :)

Snorkeling in the reefs is a discovery of an unimaginable world, a world of color, life, beauty and freedom. I am floating around without any direction just trying to feed my eyes and heart with this ultimately delightful and mysterious underwater view. The fish is of all bright and neon colors, and shapes that one cannot see even in the "Finding Nemo". It is so abundant that it is impossible to pass without physically making contact, I feel I am an invader in their beautiful world. The corals are gracefully swinging with the current of the water, forming an underwater forest of explosions of colors that only nature can create so perfect. I breath slowly and deeply and this image stays forever in my mind, I feel blessed to have had the chance to see this world with my own eyes and I pray for this beauty to be blessed to stay alive and untouched by the rough and senseless acts of humans.

Monstrous insects, mermaids and ...sunsets to fall in love with

The beaches around the Coral reefs are special for their wilderness. One can find endless coastlines with no trace of a human or a building, vast and pristine areas of quietly spread bright white sand, home to plants, trees and wondrous shell fish. While there, I am lucky to get the chance to explore a few of them thanks to Christopher. During my last evening, I witness a spectacular sunset above the ocean. 

While there, we spot a flying Sail fish, which I am immensely hyped about as I am almost certain I have spotted a mermaid. 

The only sound heard is of this army of gigantic flying insects called Cicada, resembling a helicopter but still fitting perfectly with the stillness and adding intensity to the moment of waiting for the sun to melt into the ocean. It is official, I have finally fallen in love with Straya...

The rest of my Coral Reefs adventures in Airlie (+ my own Australian dictionary) in my other post here - Airlie beach :)

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