Arrival to Bhutan: I am popular

In the night after my trip to Taj Mahal and just hours before I need to take off for biggest fear comes true. Indian food & hygiene gets me...I sleep 2 hours, I spend 6 hours in great suffering. I drawn in self-pity. I get on a taxi to the airport only praying that I will not vomit on the way as Monsoon sent another portion of pouring rain. The driver doesn't stop talking, he asks me a million questions. I don't want to be impolite, I respond to everything although his English is some sort of a coded language. He writes down for me his phone number "to contact him on WhatsApp if I ever want to come back and get an Indian husband, he is only 27 and can shave his beard if I want." I am like OK...I realize that from putting so much effort to understand him, I stopped thinking about my stomach, my poor stomach. I am thankful, I think he actually prevented me from vomiting in his car.

While checking in for Bhutan, I meet a very friendly Bhutanese person, who turns out to work at the Bhutanese air-forces. I tell him I am about to faint and he orders a seat next to me on the plane offering to take care of me...later I become popular on that plane. I am the girl who travelled on the floor of the plane toilet for more than an hour. It is actually not that uncomfortable, as I am quite small. The flight-attendants and my new Bhutanese friend are occasionally knocking on the door to check if I have fainted or I am holding the front. Later my new friend even invites me to his house to meet his wife and kids. I am ultimately embarrassed, I only wish I was at home...and I fall asleep finally back on my seat.

I wake up - I see the sky touching the mountains just next to me, in the next moment I realize - this is not the sky, these are indeed the mountains. We are descending for 15-20  minutes among mountains, it is a new feeling. I already start feeling a bit better. I am in Bhutan, too bad that my brain is so dizzy that I cannot realize a dream is coming true. And most importantly - they are playing Pharell's "Happy" while landing!!

Tashi, my guide & travel partner for the next week, meets me outside the airport with a white scarf. We drive through endless green landscapes, not a sign of honking, everything is just too beautiful. I hope I am not dreaming due to my sickness. I surrender at the hotel and wake up on the next day after 12 hours of sleep...

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